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I always love Wang's, and this was no different. The more unique items(from an American perspective) are the best. Instead of scallion pancakes I get dumplings. Instead of fried rice I get scrambled egg with a veggie. Rice sticks are great, especially reheated.

I messed up and gave a non-working phone number. When the food was "late" I figured out the problem was on my end. They got the food to me within 10 minutes of me calling to explain the issue. It was my fault and yet they rushed to help me. That is A+ customer service.


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These dumplings were so good that they reminded me of the ones my mother makes from scratch. (They're close, but mom's still is the best, of course.) I would recommend the pork and leek the most. The pork and fennel is delicious, but might the fennel taste might be too strong for some. The pork and cabbage had an odd taste and was my least favorite. Definitely planning to order from here again soon!


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Dumplings are delicious and actually handmade - absolutely center your order around the dumplings. A lot of the other menu items are okay, but the Wang's are rock stars at dumplings, so why bother with less than their best. Lamb and onion is superb - delicious and juicy but not greasy, with a handmade dough that isn't just along for the ride.


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Honestly, Im not a big Chinese food fan but my boyfriend is, so every once in a while we indulge. This place is fabulous! Unlike many Chinese food places you can actually taste the ingredients! The crab rangoons were amazing along with the sesame chicken! I would definitely eat there again!


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Wangs is consistently good. My go-to dishes are mu-shi pork with extra pancakes, extra plum sauce, plain fried rice, dry fried green beans- so good, any of the dumplings- pork and cabbage are great. Delivery is on time and food is hot. For Chinese delivery in Somerville, this place is the best.

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Great quality food & delivered early.


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Great food reasonably priced

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Wang's is the go to spot for the best Chinese food in the Somerville, MA area. They pride themselves on offering you not only the best food but delivery service as well. Take advantage of the online menu and order one of their authentic dishes for delivery now.